Jazzyobics is Suzy's approach to aeorbic body conditioning using joyful jazz dance movements and up-beat music.  It's your chance for a wild and whacky workout that will condition you totally and lift your spirits.  By bouncing to the "boogie beat" in a planned way, you'll dance inches away and your body will be more flexible than you ever dreamed possible.

Underneath the fun and music, the point of a Jazzyobics class is cardiovascular, muscular, metabolic, and emotional improvement.  Balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, stamina,and posture are areas on which Jazzyobics concentrates.  There's 90 minutes of bending, stretching, jumping, and dancing, built around warm-up, peak-work, and cool down periods.

I want to help you achieve your fitness goals, but the program has been created for enjoyment, too!  So, Let's Boogie!!

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